Should my new website be showing up in Google searches?

How do we make this "long story" kinda short?

Getting found in Google searches can be a complicated thing.... They call this process "SEO" - Search Engine Optimization. Some companies that really need to drive visitors to their site (for example a retail site that is selling a product) spend alot of time and money on SEO.  You can find SEO contractors at every price range you can imagine, from hundred to thousands and thousands....

But many sites that we deal with are OK with the basic SEO Package that allows us to complete during the website design phase. In this process we were able to do alot of things to the pages to make them easier to find, etc, and also wix allows us to enter 5 keywords for Google... you can always ask us what keywords we have entered in as search terms, and don't worry, these keywords can be changed very easily, anytime you like.

Is Your Site New?

So now the question is "Why isn't our site showing up in searches if we have these keywords?" 

Well, over a little time you should see this improve pretty quickly. In the beginning, your site usually does not have much traffic (especially if we just launched the site and connected to Google in the past few months).  Therefore, Google probably does not recognize your website as a legitimate and active website yet.  So the solution is to generate activity that Google will notice:

1) Blogging: all the SEO nerds out there seem to agree: Google and Bing seem to love blogs! So, so if anyone on your team has content they would like to post, we can open a blog page on the site, and post that content. Just type it up, and let's add a few ppictures and get it posted!

2) On-Site Activity: adding pictures to galleries, adding calendar events and updates and adding links (for example, if you have calendar events maybe you will be linking to outside apps like Eventbrite for registrations, etc).

3) Email Campaign: do you have an existing email list of friends and/or clients? Let's send out an email campaign linking to the site. Driving people to the site through emails will show the search engines that you have legitimate interest out there - people who come to your site, click around and see a few pages, and especially if they "engage" (fill out a request form, register or purchase something, or click on your links, videos, pictures, etc).

4) Social Media Activity -- any activity on social media that links to your website has got to be good for you. Especially if those links are getting clicked (remember 'engagement'?). This actib=vity and the clicks that it generates shows the search giants that your website is alive and well, and the people are coming to you for a reason.

The Big Secret

Let's face it, Google and Bing seem to love to keep their algorithms a secret... but a simple formula seems to be obvious:

Activity + Engagement = Legitimacy

We need to get Active. Get people genuinely interested, so they Engage with the site.... and this will show the search gurus that your website is for real.

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